Mushroom Pickles

Chunky, mouth watering and versatile, our signature mushroom pickle is a favorite. It can be used as a spread on toast, as an appetizer on crackers, with roti or parathas, with dosa, idli, rice, and pasta. The pickle also comes in Mustard and Andhra varieties.

Biryani Mix

This biryani mix is made with our farm fresh mushrooms simmered in aromatic spices. Use it to conveniently prepare a delicious mushroom biryani - no chopping required!

Chutney Powder

Mushrooms are known for their unique health benefits. An easy way of getting a daily dose of mushrooms is our chutney powder made from our own fresh mushrooms, carefully dehydrated. powdered and blended with select condiments.

Click on links above for easy ordering via Amazon or call 91-9480724710 for availability at other sites or at a retail store near you.


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